Poets and musicians Greek island of Lefkada


Greeks know Lefkada not only for its turquoise waters but also as the Greek island of poets and musicians. The second oldest philharmonic orchestra and music band in the country was founded in Lefkada in 1850.

Philarmonic band Lefkas Greek island

The history of the band starts a long time ago. It was one of the bands during the ceremonies of the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Also, in 1864, the band took part in the reunion ceremony of the seven Ionian islands with Greece. Today, the philharmonic orchestra of Lefkada takes part in several events in Greece and abroad. Moreover, every summer it sets up a music festival in the Greek island. In particular, it is a music festival of philharmonic orchestras from other regions of Greece. Also, at band’s foundation date, on 12th of December, another music festival takes place. It’s a big event which lasts for three days. Finally, in Easter time, the band’s marching music in the main street of Lefkas town is a real ecstatic experience.

Easter march tunes in Greek island Lefkada

Nowadays, almost 1000 members and 160 students support the orchestra. The building of the music band is an old traditional mansion in the town and a tourist attraction too.

Philharmonic building Greek island Lefkada


Except musicians Lefkada is also a birthplace of quite a few Greek poets. Most important of them are Aristotelis Valaoritis and Angelos Sikelianos who are also considered as national poets of Greece. The international writer Lefkadios Hearn is also one of national writers of Japan. He was born in Lefkada in 1850. Finally, Agnes Baltsa is a famous mezzo-soprano opera singer.

Lefkadians love the arts very much. For this reason poetry, literature, painting, acting and music have their own representatives in the island. The public library and Lefkadios Hearn exhibition in the cultural center of the town worth your visit too. Only a walk in the main street of the town is good enough to find out a good taste of art inside its shops. During the summer there are also a lot of music options in the island. The visitor can enjoy from Greek modern music to Cuban songs in respective cosy bars in the town.

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