Best Thyme Honey of Lefkada

Best Thyme Honey of Lefkada

best thyme honey of Lefkada
Pure Thyme Honey

Thyme is a Mediterranean herb. In particular, the wild thyme grows in the Eastern Mediterranean countries. People use thyme for culinary, ornamental and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. For example, Ancient Egyptians used thyme and other appropriate herbs to preserve the dead bodies by keeping them intact. Also, Ancient Greeks used to burn thyme in their temples or in their baths to purify and give a very special aroma in these rooms. Moreover, the oil of thyme, thymol, is an antiseptic liquid. In particular, it is used in several medical products today like mouthwashes. But its own flowers, which are a nectar source for honeybees, give a great value to thyme. The thyme honey is unique in the world for its own health benefits. Of course, Greece as an Eastern Mediterranean country produces a lot of honey.

However, the best thyme honey that comes from Greece is from the regions of Crete and Lefkada.

Wild Thyme of Lefkada
Wild Thyme on Agios Ioannis Beach, Lefkada

Honeybees Love Dragano & Athani

Athani Village Lefkada

On your way to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Egremni and Porto Katsiki, you will meet Dragano and Athani two picturesque villages on Southwest of Lefkada. Both villages produce some of the best thyme honey in Greece. In particular, the climate and the location there are ideal for the wild thyme to grow and flourish. So, the whole place is a paradise for honeybees and for the locals’ benefit as well. For this reason, the majority are beekeepers who cultivate a real golden treasure. After all, on your way to the beaches mentioned above, you will see on the road a number of kiosks selling bee products. Finally, considering the thyme honey as a multi nutritional and antioxidant product you should not leave from Lefkada without buying it.

With all that said, we are looking forward to hosting you in LEFKASEABNB and make your summer holidays a memory as sweet as a spoon of thyme honey!!