Beautiful Moorings Sailing from Lefkada

Beautiful Moorings Sailing from Lefkada

Beautiful Safe Anchorage Spots Sailing Lefkada
Spilia Beach Spartochori Meganis

Lefkada is renowned as the best home berth to begin a sailing cruise in the Ionian Sea. So, if you are about to sail there then here are some beautiful moorings sailing from Lefkada. Starting your sailing cruise from Lefkada’s Marina, head to the south setting sails for Meganisi island. The biggest island southeast of Lefkada with some lovely little beaches and classic Greek fish taverns. Sooner or later, Meganisi will become a worldwide popular destination. Just sail around this lovely island, make a stop outside beautiful Papanikolis cave and in the evening moor to Spilia. A beautiful safe spot for anchorage and a good option to visit the picturesque Spartochori village on the hill.

Heading to Kalamos & Atokos islands

Moorings sailing from Lefkada
Porto Leone Kalamos island

So far one is for sure. This cruise will become one of your sweetest memories of your life. The next day head again to the south as you should not want to miss Porto Leone as your next port of call. A beautiful mooring in a blue and green paradise.

Atokos One House Bay Mooring
Atokos Island

After Kalamos your next port of call should be the One House Bay in Atokos island. This uninhabited, private island has two stunning beaches to swim in and it is a real paradise on earth. Also, it is the favorite mooring for lots of yachtsmen.

Heading to Ithaki Island of Odysseus

Kioni Ithaki Moorings
Kioni Ithaki Island

Finally, the next day set the course to Ithaki the island of Odysseus. In particular your next port of call should be Kioni. A beautiful village at Ithaki’s north, ideal to moor and enjoy a night in its lovely bars and fish taverns.

Ithaki Sarakiniko Mooring
Sarakiniko Ithaki

Last but not least, the next day you should bury your treasure to two beautiful moorings in Ithaki’s south. Sarakiniko or Kaminia, the choice is yours. Choose your treasure and bury it to find it again someday in the future. In other words, like another Odysseus come back and do the cruise again. Until then, we wish you fair winds and calm seas not only in your sailing cruises but in your personal life too.

Kaminia Mooring Ithaki
Kaminia Ithaki Island

With all that said, either before or after your sailing cruise we love hosting you in our LEFKASEABNB seafront guesthouses.