Holidays Time Now Thank God Is August


At last the time has come for you to stop working. Just pack your bags and leave for your dreamed exotic summer holidays. What are you waiting for? Just take your tickets or your car keys and make the dreams come true by living your summer expectations in your chosen destination !!


However in case you haven’t decided yet there are so many exotic places to choose from. Our beautiful planet offers so many different cultures and civilizations to explore. On the other hand the economical crisis has become a global issue and affects everyone’s wallet. Also Greece has been hit tremendously and still tries to recover. For this reason the prices of tourist services are quite lower than other places in Europe. Therefore it’s the perfect time to visit Greece and its beautiful islands. Moreover in my opinion holidays mean sandy tropical beaches and turquoise waters. Just combine them with trees and wild vegetation bringing their shades to the coasts !! If that’s the type of holidays you prefer then you should choose the Ionian islands of Greece !!

According to Lonely planet the renowned travel magazine the Ionian islands are a greener variation of the Greek template. It’s the type of holidays surprises the adventure seekers, food lovers, culture vultures and beach bums alike, the magazine says.  Of course in case you are a watersports fan then you have one more reason to visit Lefkada according to “The Telegraph”.

Green tree turqoise holidays
Holidays entrance


Whatever is your final choice always remember your holidays is your break and your getaway from the city and from the ordinary daily routine of your life. For this reason prior you plan your summer escape, think about what experience would like to live. After all our holidays should be a basket of beautiful summer memories and not ordinary things planned to be done in a certain strict timetable.  In my opinion a slow schedule with no restrictions of time and living like a local the happenings of each unique place is the recipe of some excellent vacations.

So what are you waiting for ? AUGUST means HOLIDAYS.


It’s August !! It’s time for LEFKASEABNB !!

Thank you very much for your bookings in LEFKASEABNB !!

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