A Golden Delicatessen of Lefkada

Taste A Golden Delicatessen of Lefkada

A golden delicatessen of Lefkada: Avgotaracho
Lefkada’s Grey Mullet Bottarga ‘Avgotaracho’

If you are in Lefkada for holidays in August then you should taste a golden delicatessen that local fishermen produce and sell at the downtown fish market. One of the most delicious seafood is the roe of the gray mullet which is called in Greek ‘avgotaracho’. In particular, August is the breeding month of the female gray mullet. So, local fishermen manage to fish a lot of them especially in the lagoon in appropriate fish traps. As the sea enters the lagoon and refreshes its waters simultaneously, a number of fish are being captured there in a new aquatic environment. Then, old fishermen catch the fish from special traps and sell them in the last public fish market that remains in the island which is at the beginning of the causeway.

Finally, they take out the roe from the gray mullet and after a unique procedure, ‘avgotaracho’ takes its final form and its way to Lefkada’s fish market. However, a big chunk of the local production is sent to other producers in Messolonghi city.

A High Nutritional Value Seafood

Feel like local in Lefkada Fresh fish market and delicatessen avgotaracho
The White House – Last Public Fresh Fish Market in Lefkada

Avgotaracho is a seafood of high nutritional value. Also, it is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that support the cardiovascular system and the immune system. Its unique taste and aroma makes it a seafood delicatessen. For this reason, and because is a seasonal seafood, local fish markets sell it around 140 euro per kilo. After all, fishermen follow a certain procedure to keep this nutritional treasure protected. After they dry the roe bags they keep them intact by putting them in liquid beeswax. Then, the wax is getting dried and the roe can be sold in items of around 200 grams each from 30 to 50 euro depending on its quality. It is perfect to taste it just by licking it like a candy in your mouth. Also, it escorts pasta and goes perfect with a glass of a premium brand whiskey.

Looking forward to recommending to you the best fish shops to buy ‘avgotaracho’ the golden delicatessen of Lefkada. See you next summer in LEFKASEABNB for more local secrets about Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters!!