Get Ready for the Barcarolle of Lefkada

Get Ready for the Barcarolle

Get ready for the Barcarolle of Lefkada
Barcarolle Night

An almost 50 years tradition of Lefkada is Barcarolle which takes place in the west channel every year in August. This popular social event derives its name from the Italian word ‘Barca’ which means boat. In particular, a music band of traditional singers ‘cantadores’ sing on board lovely boats local songs ‘cantatas’ from Lefkada and the Ionian islands. So, don’t miss it and get ready for the Barcarolle of Lefkada this August.

Barcarolle and its History

Lefkada was ruled for almost 200 years by the monarchs of Naples and later on by the Republic of Venice, so many traditions of the island come from the Italian peninsula.

Varcarola Lefkada
Barcarolle Lefkada

The first Barcarolle in Lefkada restarted in 1975 and it keeps going on until today except the recent pandemic years. The event is organized by the New Choir of Lefkada and the local music band “Santa Maura’s Company” or “Agiomavritiki Parea” in Greek, which plays an important role in it. In particular, they sing lovely arias and cantatas while their boats are moving slowly in the west channel of the town resembling the motion of Venetian gondolas. The music roots go back to the romantic period of the 18th century when famous composers of that time like Paisiello, Weber, Rossini, and Donizetti wrote arias that were barcarolles. The most renowned is the “Santa Lucia” a Neapolitan barcarolle that was published in 1849.

So, dear our LEFKASEABNB guests don’t forget it and get ready for the barcarolle of Lefkada. After all, taking part in a local event is part of a successful journey and a lifetime memory. We are looking forward to meeting you in LEFKASEABNB and sharing with you local secrets of the island.

Every summer we love hosting you and making you feel like locals in Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters!!