Baywatch Ai Giannis Lefkada

Baywatch Ai Giannis Blue Flag Beach

Baywatch Ai Giannis Lefkada Greece
Ai Giannis – The Lifeguard’s Tower

Ai Giannis ( Agios Ioannis ) beach is one of the six blue flag beaches of Lefkada, Greece. Such as, one of the facilities a blue flag beach should offer is to be lifeguarded. The Lifeguard duty starts every year on this beach on the 15th of July and on that date the blue flag and other beach flags are flying. However, how many of us know what those beach signals are telling us? Welcome to Baywatch Ai Giannis, Lefkada, Greece. It’s about time to find out everything about the flags of a Lifeguard’s tower.

Baywatch Lefkada Beach Flags

Baywatch Ai Giannis Lefkada Beach Flags
Beach Flags

Everyone should know how to stay safe during beach holidays. Of course, everyone should be aware of the dangers the beach and the sea are hiding. During the summer season of Ai Giannis Baywatch, several visual signs can be spotted by the flags flying on the Lifeguard’s tower. So, here are the most important ones.

The Yellow Flag : This means medium hazard because of waves or currents and recommends that weak swimmers are discouraged from entering the water.

The Red Flag : This means high hazards such as big waves and currents are present and all swimmers are discouraged from entering the water.

The Red over Red Flag : This means the water is closed to public use because of extremely dangerous conditions or sharks’ presence.

The Purple Flag : This means that marine pests like harmful jellyfish are in the water and can cause minor injuries.

The Red over Yellow Flag : This means that the beach is lifeguarded and the beach is free for swimming.

The Green Flag : This means all is clear and everything is safe for swimming.

Baywatch Lefkada Ai Giannis Beach
Lifeguard’s Equipment

Fortunately, on Baywatch Ai Giannis Lefkada, we haven’t seen so far any purple, brown and red over red flags during summer. However, no matter which flag is flying on the tower, nobody should enter the sea with full stomach or drunk.

With all that said, we are looking forward to hosting you in our seafront guesthouses on this lovely blue flag beach. See you soon for another unforgettable summer in beautiful Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters!