Beautiful Sister Cities Of Lefkada

Beautiful Sister Cities Of Lefkada

12 beautiful sister cities of Lefkada
The 12 Sister Cities of Lefkada

A sister city or a twin town relationship is a form of legal or social agreement between two cities or towns from the same or from a different country for the purpose of promoting cultural and commercial ties. In particular, the international folklore dancing festival of Lefkada played a significant role to the sister cities institution. After all, the festival’s aim is to promote peace, friendship and brotherhood among countries worldwide by culture especially through the arts of music and dance. So far, since 1962 when the festival started, 12 beautiful sister cities of Lefkada have already established cultural ties with the island. 

Sisterhood History in 80’s

The history started in August of 1985 when Emmaboda a beautiful city of Sweden became the first sister city of Lefkada. Until the Covid pandemic, the Swedish municipality of Emmaboda used to organize annually a pop music festival since 1992. Just three years later in June of 1988 it was the beautiful city of Straznice in Czech Republic that developed cultural ties with Lefkada. It was because of the folklore festival both cities host every year. One year later, in 1989 the traditional Paralimni of Cyprus and the beautiful city of Shinjuku in Japan became sister cities of Lefkada. In particular, Paralimni resembles Lefkada as both cities have a lagoon. Also, their surrounding areas belong to the NATURA 2000 environmental program. On the other hand, due to cultural ties, Shinjuku has contributed to the foundation of Lefkadios Hearn Historical center.

Lefkadios Hearn was a famous writer and poet who was born in Lefkada, Greece and died in Japan. Both countries commemorate him in Lefkada during the Lefkadios Hearn week, a cultural event held annually in the island.

Sister Cities in Recent Years

In 1992 the beautiful coastal city of Nahariya in Israel and later in 1998 the cultural city of Ploiesti in Romania became the next sister cities of Lefkada. In particular, Nahariya due to its love to dance and Ploiesti for its love to music (its Philharmonic orchestra is the most famous in Romania) were enough to establish cultural ties with Lefkada. Finally, the following years in 2001, 2010 and 2015 it was the turn of Leucate in France, Primorskiy in Odessa, Ukraine and Zhoushan in China respectively to become sisters with Lefkada. Leucate resembles Lefkada and loves watersports as well. Primorskiy, loves music and concerts and Zhoushan loves travel and tourism exchange opportunities.

Last but not least, we should refer the sister cities of Sfakiotes, a local municipality of Lefkada with beautiful Sfakia, Crete in Greece and the picturesque Leverano in Italy.

Lefkada is renown in Greece as the island of arts, of poets and of breathtaking beaches.

In other words, with so many sister cities, we are looking forward to hosting you soon in this beautiful island.