A Big Thank You to Our Guests

A Big Thank You to Our Guests

Big Thank You to our 2022 guests
A Farewell from Lady Blue in front of #LEFKASEABNB

Unfortunately, all the good things in this life always come to an end. So, it is about time to say goodbye to the Lady Blue outside LEFKASEABNB and a big THANK YOU to our guests. In other words, we would like to thank you for being here with us for some time this summer. Also, your beautiful words in our Guestbook and your kind reviews are music to our ears.

Autumn is Here to Remind Us that Time Flies

Cyclamens Autumn in Lefkada
Autumn in Lefkada

The changes of Nature have been everywhere here and sadly reminded us that time flies. For example, as the weather becomes unsettled, beautiful cyclamens appear almost everywhere in the soil and the ground is full of dried leaves. Unfortunately, all of them are just signs that is time to say goodbye. So, like Frank Sinatra sung “That’s life”, it is the end of holidays. However, we hope to see you again next year for another beautiful summer, full of good memories.

Lefkada, cyclamens on a rock
Cyclamens on a Rock

See You Next Summer 2023

Syvota Bay Lefkada Moorings
Lefkada, Syvota Bay in October

After all, Lefkada is a unique destination for all of you who love water sports and of course the company of Lady Blue. So, we hope to host you again next summer in 2023 in LEFKASEABNB. The secret retreat for your beach vacations in beautiful Lefkada, The island of turquoise waters! The island of Lady Blue! Finally, we gonna miss Her all of us until next summer.

Again, a big THANK YOU to all of you who stayed with us this summer.

See you next summer 2023.