How You Weather the Storm

How to Weather the Storm

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Nowadays, there is so much uncertainty about what is going to happen in the near future to everyone of us. In particular, COVID, global shortages of energy and the climate change consequences compose a pessimistic scenario for the human kind. As a result of all these factors, many people might struggle with mental health problems. Furthermore, people become stressful as they have to change their daily routine or even their jobs. So, how you weather the storm that seems to be closer than ever!

Keep calm and think positively

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So, how do we fight all this stress and stay calm? First of all focus on what you can control. In other words, try to be mindful and start thinking positively. After all, if you let your mind wander into the past you may waste your energy on regrets. Just read a new book, have a warm bath and get more sleep. Actually now is the right time to prioritize your well-being. In your leisure try to do your favourite exercise/sport or take a walk to a quite place you like. Also, by listening to relaxing music can be a wonderful way to reduce your stress and reconnect with your body and breath.

Enjoy Holidays at Home

When you are at home try to limit the time to social media. In particular, the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O.) something like a like or an updated post or conflicting opinions may upset you. Last but not least, live the present moment by being aware of your body and remain conscious of positive thoughts. Also, try to bring happy moments of the past in your mind. For example, try watching videos and see photos of your holidays.

Finally, a good practice is to think about your next summer holidays. However, at the moment it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! For this reason, stop watching bad media news. Now it is time to enjoy your Christmas home with your family and friends.

Mindful Christmas