Best Family-Friendly Ionian Islands

Top Family Friendly Ionian Islands

Family holidays create beautiful memories captured in amazing photos. Memories that will last forever in your life. For this reason, you would like to choose the right destination to enjoy unforgettable vacations with your family. So, according to a British site, the best family-friendly Ionian islands are Corfu, Lefkada, and Zante. Of course, there are other Greek islands in the Aegean sea that are family-friendly too. However, if you are a Blue and Green fan then the Ionian islands and of course Lefkada should be on your travels list this summer.

Activities 4 Happy Children

Best family friendly Ionian Islands
Water Park Fun

There are many activities for children to follow in Lefkada that will make your summer holidays memorable. Of course, safety goes without saying first as the new measures will require COVID negative self-tests by the personnel who are involved with these activities. First of all, Lefkada is famous for its Blue Flag stunning beaches all over the island. However, we all know how much children love water parks and there is a real good one only half an hour drive from Lefkada. Also, there are many other options for example for families that love hiking in wild nature. In particular, a family journey to Lefkada’s waterfalls in June or in September when the weather is not quite hot is a great idea.

Horse Riding – Cycling – Kayaking

Horse Riding on the Beach
Riding on the beach

Moreover, if you love experiencing something extraordinary on your family holidays then you should try horse riding on the beach. An experience you will never forget for all the family members which end on the beach during a sea sunset. Also, if you love water sports, Lefkada is the ideal island. Kayaking, kite surfing, and windsurfing are popular sports every summer. Finally, in the evening you can try cycling around the lagoon of Lefkada’s town. At the end of your ride enjoy a coffee or an aperitif on a beach bar adoring the sea sunset!

Welcome to Lefkada! The island of turquoise waters!!

One of the best family-friendly Ionian islands!!

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Sunset cycling
Sunset memories