Best Things to Do in Lefkada in October

Best Things to Do in Lefkada in October

Best things to do in Lefkada in October
Lefkaseabnb Holidays in October

October in Lefkada is a perfect month to do certain things. Despite the weather that starts to become unsettled, Lefkada is still a lovely option for holidays. After all, with mild air temperatures from 17 the lowest to 25 the highest and the sea temperature up to 22 degrees Celsius approximately, it still remains a beautiful destination even in October. In particular, here are some of the best things to do in Lefkada in October.

Birdwatching Around Lefkada’s Lagoon

Lefkada Lagoon's Fauna
Lefkada The Lagoon

The beautiful lagoon of Lefkada is in fact a natural habitat of fauna protected by the NATURA 2000 European Union program. Many migratory bird species can be found here in autumn. Without doubt, a photo shooting of them while cycling or jogging around the lagoon is definitely recommended.

Enjoy the Sunset of Lefkada’s Lagoon

Lefkada Lagoon Sunset
Lagoon Sunset Lefkada

Enjoy a coffee or an aperitif to a bar right after the popular wooden bridge of the town. Just sit and relax adoring the picturesque landscape and some incredible sunset colours in the sky.

Taste a Fish Soup and the Local Grey Mullet Bottarga

Lefkada's Best in October
Lefkada’s Grey Mullet Bottarga

Enjoy a fish soup from the seasonal local fish Cephalus and taste its grey mullet bottarga. After all, travelling without tasting the local kitchen is unacceptable. So, just find the classic Greek fish tavern on a beautiful beach and enjoy this very healthy and delicious soup. Also, you can buy the Cephalus bottarga from fish shops downtown Lefkada. Just taste it in slices peeling out the wax and accompanied it perfectly with a glass of a good whiskey. However, be aware that this yellow treasure costs around 150 euro per kilogram.

Swim in Beautiful Empty Beaches

Beautiful Empty Beaches in October in Lefkada
Lefkada, Beaches in October

Finally, you should not forget that you are on holidays in a Greek island. So, that means relaxing and swimming on a lovely, sandy beach. Besides, the sea temperature is still fine to give it a try and swim in some of the most turquoise waters in the world! Of course, here in LEFKASEABNB as always, we will be very glad to host you and make you feel like local in beautiful Lefkada.