Why 2 choose Lefkas, Greece 4 summer vacations

5 reasons 2 choose Lefkas, Greece 4 summer vacations

1. Easy access almost by all means of transportation

First of all, one basic reason to choose Lefkas or Lefkada for vacations is its accessibility. In other words it is not an ordinary island which can be reached only by a ferry boat. On the contrary it’s unique because it has access by car from the mainland through a floating bridge !! For this reason Lefkas is an ideal weekend destination especially in summer.

Also there are direct flights as the closest international airport, Aktion is only 20 km away from the island. Moreover the international port, Igoumenitsa is only 90 km away. So it’s very convenient for visitors from Italy and central Europe to reach the island by using their own cars !! In particular the Igoumenitsa port is an intermediate ferries’ stop. All ferries arrive in Igoumenitsa from the 4 Italian ports of Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. Also visitors from Balkan countries can reach the island by car very easy by using ‘Egnatia’, the north highway of Greece.

2. Best island in Greece for watersports according to Telegraph

Watersports like wind and kite surfing are very popular. Actually the island is a venue of international surfers. There are specific spots like Aghios Ioannis beach for kitting and Vasiliki village for wind surfing. In particular surf academies operate both in west and east coast of the island.

Also the island has the second biggest marina in Greece with a 620 yachts berthing capability. Therefore many visitors come on purpose to Lefkas to sail and cruise around the Ionian islands. For this reason prior their arrival they get in contact with charter agencies in the web to rent a yacht berthing in Lefkas marina. In particular Lefkas marina is an excellent starting point for a cruise in the Ionian sea. After all sailing in a green paradise around the islets of Skorpios, Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos and Arkoudi is once in a lifetime experience !! Without doubt the summer conditions of cruising in sheltered waters, in the calm Ionian sea with steady wind directions provide a safe and smooth sailing.

Finally the island offers many other watersport options like sea kayaking, paddle boarding even diving. Also there are respective schools operating along the beautiful beaches of the island. For all the above reasons the Telegraph recommends Lefkas as a watersports summer destination in Greece.

why choose Lefkas kitesurfing extreme sports Lefkada Agios Ioannis
why choose Lefkas Agios Ioannis surfers

3. A hidden turquoise gem in Greece

Although Lefkas or Lefkada is not an international renowned Greek island like Santorini and Mykonos however according to travel magazines it has some of the bluest beaches in the world. In particular Egremni and Porto Katsiki are the west coast beaches of Lefkas mainly renowned for their turquoise waters !! After all it’s no coincidence that Travel & Leisure the international magazine named Egremni beach as the bluest in the world !! For this reason many tourists name the island during their summer vacations as the Caribbean of Greece !!

why choose Lefkas Greece a turquoise paradise for summer holidays

4. Absolute destination for hiking lovers

Another reason to choose Lefkas is not only for its turquoise beaches but for its wild lush vegetation and its picturesque paths in the country. In particular the Dimosari gorge with its waterfalls and Melissa gorge with its old windmills and springs are ideal for hiking lovers. Also there are many other paths to explore and some old picturesque little churches to discover in the countryside. Of course hiking on mountainous Lefkada is strongly recommended in May, June or September when the temperatures are more mild.

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5. In summer every day on the island is a feast

Last but not least in summer every day in the island is a feast. All the villages become tourist attractions. In particular the locals there organize exhibition festivals to promote their products and food specialties. On the other hand in the capital, the local cultural and dance clubs perform every night in the open theater of Lefkas. In addition the philharmonic band of the island performs some of the best classic music concerts as well. Usually all events take place in picturesque places like the Phaneromeni monastery on the top of the hill’s town or inside the Santa Maura’s Castle. But most of all it’s the international folklore dance festival at the last week of August for which people know Lefkas. Definitely some must see stunning performances from dancing groups all around the world.

choose Lefkas summer festivals lefkada

In conclusion, Lefkas is a unique destination for summer holidays either for families or couples and of course for people who love watersports. Every summer in LEFKASEABNB we look forward to hosting our guests and make them feel comfortable like locals. So in any case if you plan to visit the Ionian islands in Greece then choose Lefkas. Definitely it should be a must destination in your list. After all, Lefkada is the island of turquoise waters !! In other words is the Caribbean of Greece !!