COVID So Far So Good for Ionian Islands

Greek islands still a safe destination in Europe

COVID so far so good for Ionian islands

It is almost one year after the COVID 19 outbreak in Europe. The deadly virus has been spread rapidly to the whole Europe? No, only two Greek regions together with a few Greek islands in the Aegean sea have left to resist in the virus transition. Until today, only a low number of virus positive cases have been detected there. In other words, COVID so far so good for Ionian islands and Epirus prefecture of Greece.

Source: European Centre for Disease and Prevention Control (ECDC)

Vaccination is on the way and the end is not far away

With lower than 25 cases per 100.000 and a test positivity rate below 4% so far so good for Ionian islands and Lefkada in particular. Most important, the vaccination for the elder people over 85 years old has already started. The smiles have returned on locals’ faces and a wind of optimism starts blowing in the island. After all, the elementary schools are opened and day by day the life comes back again to normality.

Lefkada remains a safe destination

covid so far so good for Ionian islands and lefkada

After almost one year of pandemic Lefkada remains a safe, big blue destination. Greeks and tourists from Balkans, Italy and France keep visiting the island experiencing unforgettable beach vacations. Last summer it was one of the most attractive destination in Greece for a number of reasons. In other words, next summer looks that Lefkada and the other Ionian islands will be again in the first choices of travellers. Hope keeps living in locals’ hearts. One more time expectations look great for the next summer season. Moreover, vaccination finds a positive response to people. With all that saying, COVID so far so good for the Ionian islands.

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