Big Blue Vacations in Lefkada Greece


This summer you are going to live every second of your vacations by feeling and capturing the moments. Just take it slow and notice the colors all around you, feel the powdery sand on the beaches even the shadows’ cuddling of the trees. Start feeling grateful by truly noticing the beauties of nature surround you. Let the Big Blue from our balconies and the tweets of birds’ songs travel you to emotions of joy and gratitude. Come to live your Big Blue vacations in Lefkada and learn why you should be grateful for in your life. Try a morning or an evening  stroll on the picturesque beach of Agios Ioannis. Take pictures of the Big Blue paradise scenery in front of your eyes and learn how to appreciate the moments.

big blue vacations paradise

 Seize the Moments of your Big Blue Vacations

Adore the hundredth of second of the magnificent sun’s performance during its set in the Ionian Sea. For this take as many pictures you can on your Big  Blue vacations and treasure these memories forever. Big blue vacations sunset

At the time you check in at LEFKASEABNB you should stop thinking the past and your busy life you left back.  On the contrary you will start making positive thoughts and you will feel grateful and full of positive emotions. The merciless time stops its irreversible countdown after you pass the LEFKASEABNB gate.  Also you will stop making any negative thoughts about future. The moments here are not calculable and cannot be assessed in words. In other words we aim to learn you how to savor the present just by using all of your senses. For example live the moments while drinking a favorite coffee or an aperitif either on our sea view balconies or in a nearby seafront beach bar. In the same way you will get a breathing meditation in our garden by smelling the jasmines’ fragrance around. At nights relax and join our company watching a comedy movie under the stars. Finally feel invigorated by swimming in the turquoise crystal clear water in front of LEFKASEABNB property.

Lefkas beaches in Vogue Magazine

So this summer just check for the best Greek island beaches in Vogue magazine. Without doubt you will find two of the best 15 in this beautiful island. Hence come to feel grateful for your life by living your Big Blue vacations in Lefkada. The Greek Caribbean island!!

big blue vacations memories

Come to join us in the beach resort of LEFKASEABNB. In other words live your Big Blue VACATIONS!!