Feel Free in Blue And Green Ionian Islands

feel free to BlueandGreen Lefkada
Blue & Green Lefkada

Check in Blue and Green Lefkada – A Safe Destination

This summer goes without saying that travel destinations would be in accordance with the pandemic conditions of each area. For this reason, you have to consider what would be an excellent destination for you to travel safely with your beloved ones. In particular, the Ionian islands in Greece is a good choice and there is a reason for this. So far, that region of Greece has the biggest score of fully completed vaccinations compared to other places in the country! Moreover, if we add the blue and green beauty that features Ionian islands then you will start thinking about it. In other words, feel free in blue and green Ionian islands in Greece!!

Feel Free in Blue and Green Paradise in Greece

Paxi, Corfu, Lefkada, Cephalonia, Ithaka, Zakynthos and Kithira all of them are the blue and green Ionian islands of Greece.

feel free to blue and green Lefkada
On the way to Egremni beach, Lefkada

With almost a 60 percent of fully vaccinated individuals and some breath taking, wide and long beaches, Ionian islands become one of the safest region in Greece to travel during pandemic. Of course, during your 2021 summer holidays you should try to avoid overcrowded places. For this reason, try to visit long and wide beaches by renting a boat. For example, in Lefkada there are many rental spots where someone can rent a boat without licence legally! Another option is to rent a sailing boat if you have an appropriate licence. A sailing cruise to tour all the Ionian islands is once in a lifetime experience!! Here in LEFKASEABNB we have hosted many times skippers and sailors before or after their sailing cruises.

With all that saying, we would like to thank you so much for your bookings in LEFKASEABNB this summer. It is always a real pleasure to host you and make you feel like locals in beautiful Lefkada! The island of turquoise waters!!