Summer Getaway to Lefkada the Bluest Greek Island


Crystal clear blue water lapping on sandy breath-taking beaches make Lefkada island in Greece a perfect summer getaway !! Despite it’s a below-the-radar island of Greece Lefkada remains an unspoiled destination with some of the bluest beaches in the world !!

summer getaway lefkada

This year travel to Lefkada an unforgettable summer getaway destination. In particular you could follow our guide below about things to do in the island for a perfect summer break. In case of a weekly stay in LEFKASEABNB here is our recommended daily schedule.


DAY 1 : It’s your arrival day so you deserve to relax after you are all set in the house. Go for swimming on the beach in front and lie either on a beach bar’s sun lounge or on the powdery sand. In the evening chill out and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the balcony with a local aperitif. Later you can dine and taste local food specialties by going on foot to nearby beach taverns. After dinner you could go for a drink in the capital’s main market street or relax on the balcony under the stars hearing the nightly sound of the sea.


DAY 2 : Prepare your favorite coffee and enjoy the bay view from the balcony hearing birds’ morning tweets. Instead go for a morning swim and have a coffee after. Surprisingly you will see locals swimming beside you not because they had the same idea with you. In fact a morning swim on Agios Ioannis beach is a  locals’ choice. Actually it is the perfect time to swim as the sea in front looks like a pool. A very gentle crystal clear water is eager to hug you and relax you.

summer getaway lefkada

After your morning coffee go for shopping in the capital. There are two big super markets near the bus terminal and one of a big European discount chain on the way to Ligia village. Of course if you prefer fresh fish you should try the fish shops in Agios Minas area in the center of the town. It is also  recommended to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in groceries and local bread in a very good bakery at Pefaneromeni street. We recommend you to try local handmade sweets too. The best ones you can find are only in a traditional pastry shop in the town named “PAPADOPOULOS” in 8th Merarchias street. After shopping go back home and pack your things for swimming and lunch in Agios Nikitas village. You can choose to swim on Pefkoulia a family friendly beach on your way just prior the village. Have lunch at a specific sea view tavern in the village we will disclose you after your arrival here.  At night have dinner on the balcony or in the capital’s cosmopolitan main square.  Later at night hit the clubs at the west waterside of the town in Agelou Sikelianou street.


DAY 3 : Enjoy your breakfast on the balcony. Drive to Nikiana port or to Nidri port and hire a motorboat. In August you need to book at least two days before and pay an amount in advance. Sail over to Meganisi island and the virgin islets which are very close to Lefkada. Swim wherever you like. After all there are so many beautiful beaches on your course but don’t miss the  Papanikolis cave. According to Navy’s stories it was the hide out of a same name Greek submarine during WWII. After your exploration have lunch in Spilia at its picturesque port. In the evening return back home and relax on LEFKASEABNB beds. Spend the night by going on foot to a nearby beach bar or at the tradional windmill of Orlof. Enjoy there a classic cocktail or a local red wine of dry Vertzami variety.


DAY 4 : Have breakfast early and drive to Nidri port. You should be there before 0845 am to take the cruising ship and sail to some of the best beaches in Europe. Actually Porto Katsiki and Egremni  are renowned as some of the bluest beaches in the world !! Of course in August you should buy your tickets in the capital’s main street at least two days earlier. No way try the cruise at weekends. Late in the evening return back home and chill out with a local ouzo aperitif and Greek meze of local salami on the balcony. You could also try the seafront beach bar at the end of the bay road. At night join us in our garden’s cinema under the stars and watch a family comedy movie.


DAY 5 : Take your time and have your breakfast on the balcony. Later on discover on foot the local lovers’ secret beach of Krioneri (means Cold water in Greek). If you like walking a little farther then try to reach another locals’ beach named  Kaminia .

summer getaway krioneri beach lefkada

For this prepare a backpack with all the necessary provisions like hats, beach towels, sun glasses, sun creams, some sandwiches and bottles of cold water. Start your coastal exploration after the end of the bay and the WWII old pillbox. We will give you directions that day for this walk. Of course on your way don’t miss a visit in the oldest church of the island. The picturesque chapel of  Agios Ioannis  was built into a cave by Franc knights in 1330 A.D. approx. at the corner of the same name bay.  Enjoy the day on Krioneri or on Kaminia beach and later on have lunch in the tavern at the end of bay road. At night it’s time to discover mountainous Lefkada and have dinner in Karia village. There you should taste local grill specialties and have a local desert in the square under the leafs of some very old plane trees.


DAY 6 : Enjoy your breakfast and coffee on the balcony. Wear your swimsuits and prepare your backpacks with all the necessary things as previously mentioned. Leave before 10 am and drive to Nidri. Follow the traffic signs to Waterfalls and reach the parking at the end of the road. Follow the path to Dimossari gorge and reach the waterfall there. Swim in the little pod and take awesome pictures of nature surrounds you.

summer getaway waterfall lefkada
summer getaway lefkas waterfalls

At noon drive to Vasiliki, the south port of the island. Just after 10 minutes drive you’ll see on your way local winery installations. Just do a quick stop there  to see a demonstration of the production procedure and taste the local red Vertzami wine variety in their exhibition. After your wine initiation continue to Vasiliki. There take the boat to Agiofili beach or the bad road leading to the beach. Of course avoid to visit the beach at weekends. Later in the evening drive back and enjoy your last dinner in picturesque Sivota a beautiful fishing village. After dinner try for desert a water melon juice beside  luxury yachts at the waterfront.

summer getaway juices


DAY 7 : Take your time and enjoy on the balcony your last breakfast in Lefkada. Have a swim in front of LEFKASEABNB entrance and remember all these magic moments you experienced during your summer getaway in Lefkada. After all happiness is not a real thing. It is a happy moment with your beloved persons. So before you leave us don’t forget to write on our guests’ book your impressions about your stay.

Of course the guide above is just a recommendation and for sure you need a car to follow it. On the contrary in LEFKASEABNB we are fans of slow schedule vacations without any restrictions of time. For this there are many other options to enjoy and spend your summer getaway solely on Agios Ioannis beach. Nearby beach bars with live music and seafront taverns with local specialties offer you tranquil vacations. Furthermore if you are a water sports fan then kite and wind surfing nearby schools offer equipment and lessons for beginners. Beside the property they also rent canoes even sea kayaks. But for more extreme situations we can bring you in contact with extreme sports experts in Lefkada.

Finally after all these happy summer memories we are looking forward to seeing you again in Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters and your summer getaway destination.