Egremni Beach Caribbean feeling in Europe


Egremni beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Europe again for 2018 according to Holidayguru magazine. Actually you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get that true Caribbean feeling says the article. For this reason the travel site lists some beautiful beaches in Europe. Powdery white sands, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation surroundings are their common features. Of course Egremni beach in Lefkada is one of them, an idyllic beach according to the site.

However you cannot reach the beach by car. For this reason boats from Agios Nikitas village or from Vasiliki the south port of the island, do daily cruises to the stunning west coast beaches. Of course don’t forget to get a backpack with all the necessary provisions such as water, sandwiches, sun cream and hats. Without doubt when you swim in the turquoise waters of this beach it certainly is a lifetime experience. So take as many pictures you can in this exotic Caribbean scenery.

Egremni beach Lefkas

Only one colour dominates on this amazing sandy long beach. It comes from a lady who does not only seduce your eyes but your ears too !! As you close your eyes while you lie down on the white sand you will hear her whispering in your ears. You will even feel her gentle touch to your feet. She is the one and only Lady Blue !!  She is there waiting for you again this summer of 2018 !!

Welcome in the Greek Caribbean.

Lefkas is the island of turquoise waters with some of the Top 25 Best Beaches in the World in 2018 !! It’s your Caribbean Queen !!

So this summer come to join us in Lefkaseabnb

Your summer retreat on Agios Ioannis surfers beach in Lefkas.

LEFKASEABNB in other words Vacations !!

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