Greek Christmas Carols

Greek Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve

Greek Christmas Carols Trigono musical instrument
Greek Christmas Carols Trigono

Christmas is approaching and children all over Greece are getting prepared for the Christmas Eve Carols. Groups of children go out knocking on house doors to sing the Greek Christmas Carols. Holding a small triangular musical instrument (trigono in Greek) that makes a distinctive metallic sound they sing the carols accepting money or sweets.

Greek Christmas Carols
Christmas in Lefkada

There are many versions of carol lyrics depending on the region in Greece. However, the most common are the ones that start with “Good evening landlords…” (“Kalin Espera Archontes…” in Greek). Children are singing and wish health and joy to each family they visit on Christmas Eve. So, be prepared to reward children with cash and sweets. In particular, the most popular sweet in Lefkada during Christmas is the Olive oil pie (“Ladopita” in Greek)

Love & Peace from LEFKASEABNB

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the renewal of life and redemption. After all, that’s what the Christmas tree symbolizes. So, it’s a new start for all of us and another chance to change our life not only in personal terms but for the greater good. Today, more than ever before we should wish for peace and love all over the world.

Merry Christmas from LEFKASEABNB