The Greek Summer Experience in Lefkada

The Greek Summer Experience in Lefkada

The Greek summer in Lefkada
A beachfront tavern in Lefkada island

Summer is at the door and you have been thinking about a beachfront holiday for a long time. Well, maybe it’s about time to visit Greece! In other words, it’s about time to live the Greek summer experience in Lefkada! The Greek island of memorable beachfront holidays! But how do you define this experience? Sand, Sea, Sun, or a positive State of Mind or all of them?

Greek Summer is a State of Mind

Live the Greek summer experience in Lefkada
Somewhere in Lefkada island

There is nothing like a Greek summer! Stunning beaches, incredible turquoise waters, picturesque mountainous villages, archaeological sites, and delicious food compose a beautiful summer holiday in Greece. And Lefkada has it all! The Greek summer experience in Lefkada is a state of mind that comes from happy moments. Beautiful secluded beaches to relax and picturesque Greek beachfront taverns that fill you with positive feelings. Adoring breathtaking sea sunsets from cozy places in mountainous romantic villages are only some of many other beautiful moments on your holiday in Lefkada.

Greek Cuisine is Part of a Greek Summer

The Greek summer experience in Lefkada Kalamarakia & Horiatiki
Greek summer Kalamarakia & Horiatiki – Fried Squids & Greek salad

Tasting local kitchen is part of a successful travel and Greek cuisine is number third in the world according to TasteAtlas. So, don’t miss to try the Greek cuisine and the local specialties of Lefkada creating happy memories that are part of the Greek summer! In particular, you should try the local salami, sausages and avgotaracho (local fish roe) in August. Also, you can check here why Lefkada is a Delicious Blue Destination!

With all that saying, we are looking forward to hosting you for an unforgettable Greek summer in LEFKASEABNB beachfront Guesthouses in beautiful Lefkada, The Greek island of turquoise waters and of water-sport fans!