Skorpios a Retreat Island for VIPs Only

Finally, the Architecture Study Approved


According to the popular Greek newspaper “Protothema“, the Central Council of Architecture of the Greek Ministry of Energy & Environment has finally approved the architecture study of the Skorpios project. In particular, the study includes nine sections of premises in the construction plan. At last, the dream of the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev seems to become real. Skorpios, a retreat island for VIPs only!! Today, the luxury resort of Skorpios, a satellite tiny island of Lefkada, Greece is a matter of time.

Skorpios a Retreat Island for VIPs on Earth


Once upon a time, Skorpios was the secret paradise of the Onassis family. A retreat for a life like a fairy tale but with a bad end. Unfortunately, almost all the main characters of the real story dead early! Only Athina Onassis, the last in life member of the family finally sold the island in 2013. She leased Skorpios to Rybolovlev for $153 million. Today, the new owner wants to transform the island into a luxury retreat that will cover any need for VIPs.

A Redundancy of Luxury – Amenities & Facilities

In particular, the new premises will include a helipad, swimming pools, tennis courts, horse riding centre, an amphitheatre for cultural events and of course independent luxury villas with stunning sea view. The whole project plan according to insider ends in 2024 and will cost around $200 million.

What the Future Brings to Lefkada

Today, the locals are looking forward to the outcome. After all, Lefkada and its surroundings used to be a so-called “peaceful summer destination”. However, after the completion of this project, Lefkada may become a new “Mykonos” of the Ionian sea. Perhaps the east coast of Lefkada may become a new jet-set destination and a venue of cosmopolite tourism. On the contrary, the wild west coast of Lefkada may remain a destination of a virgin natural beauty. Who knows what the future will bring to Lefkada. Only time will tell.

Skorpios a retreat island for VIPs in Lefkada, Greece
Skorpios island. View from Agia Kiriaki Church