Holy Day Today for Lefkada

A Holy Day Today for Lefkada

Holy Day Today for Lefkada
Faneromeni of Lefkada

Today you might be somewhere in Greece on holiday. However, today and especially tomorrow the 15th of August is a big religious day for Greeks and for Christians all over the world. In particular, the Dormition of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is honoured almost in every church of Greece. Of course, Lefkada celebrates this special day in Faneromeni monastery which is dedicated to Her Holiness. Faneromeni is the Patron of the whole island. So, it is a holy day today for Lefkada. We recommend you to feel the spirit of the day by joining in the celebrations across the island. So, you could visit an old church in Lefkada town. There are plenty of options here but one of the oldest ones dedicated to Her Holiness is the Panagia of the Foreigners just near to the public Library.

What Locals Do These Days

After a fasting period of two consecutive weeks starting from the 1st of August the Orthodox Christians are allowed to eat meat or fish. After all, the 15th of August is for all Greeks a chance for a new start in their life. In particular, it is a chance to begin a better life both to the spirit and to the body. For this reason, all Greeks use to start their summer holidays in the middle of August. In Lefkada the locals use to do preparations for these days like cleaning thoroughly their houses and cooking local sweets like ladopita. After all, almost every family in the island and Greece in general has a relative with a name derived from Panagia like Panayotis or Panos or Notis or Takis very common for men and Panayota or Yota or Maria or Despina for women.

Holy day today for Lefkada make a wish
Wish for Good Health

With all that said, we would like to wish you happy summer holidays and why not a beautiful new start in your life from tomorrow, 15th of August.