Swear Eternal Love in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

The Lovers’ Leap from Cape Lefkatas

Swear eternal love in Lefkada
The Sappho’s Leap, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

Lefkada or Lefkas or Leukas in antiquity, is one of the seven Ionian islands of Greece. The name in Greek means ‘white’ because of the many white rocks existence at the southwest part of the island. However, these white and breathtaking cliffs at the southernmost point of the island, at Cape Lefkatas, led many lovers in antiquity to commit suicide by leaping into the sea. All what they wanted was to seek relief from the pangs of Eros! In particular, the legend says that the first one was from the ancient Greece, the lyric poetess, Sappho from Lesvos. She leaped from this cliff to give an end to her love with Phaon, a ferryman from Lesvos as well. For this reason the spot named Sappho’s Leap. So, it’s a good idea to visit this place with your beloved and swear eternal love in Lefkada. 

After all, today from this spot you can adore some stunning sea sunsets. In other words, it’s a perfect place to make a proposal to your beloved on this white historical rock.

Desperate Lovers on Cape Lefkatas

Swear Eternal Love in Lefkada on Ducato's Lighthouse
The Lighthouse Ducato of Cape Lefkatas

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, leaped from this cliff right after the death of her beloved Adonis. Also, another lover who leaped from this spot was Cephalus, the first King of Cephalonia island who leaped into the sea after he killed his love, Procris. Finally, Artemisia from Caria was another woman in antiquity who committed suicide by throwing herself from this cliff because of her love to prince Dardanos.

Eternal Lovers on Apollo’s Temple

Swear Eternal Love on Cape Ducato
Ducato Lighthouse & the Remnant of Apollo Temple on the left corner

In ancient Greece, Apollo was the God of Love, of Light and Poesy. There were many temples of Apollo in Greece and one of them was also on this rock in Lefkada. So, this might be a reason why this place was the chosen one for Sappho and all the other passionate lovers. Without doubt, it was the right spot just beside Apollo’s temple, to give an end to their lives. Unfortunately, today, there is no temple but only a very small remnant of it at the corner of the Ducato’s lighthouse structure. However, this wild, magic place offers one of the best lovely sunsets in the island. For this reason, the spot is ideal to swear eternal love in Lefkada to your beloved. After all, may one day, after many years, to come back to Sappho’s Leap and live that moment together again.