Love and Peace in 2023

Love and Peace in 2023

Peace and love in 2023
An olive tree for the peace.

Today, after the pandemic which lasted over two years, an undeclared Third World War came up between West and East civilizations! Of course, history likes to repeat itself and the current situation resembles the 1921 depression because of that time’s high-interest rates too. Hence, a global financial crisis is at the gates again! Unfortunately, this is also the right time for those who love power more than their own families and want to grab the chance to rule the entire world! However, it’s up to us to stop them and fight for a better world. Otherwise, we are doomed to live again in the dark periods of history. So, today on New Year’s Eve, let’s all wish for love and peace in 2023.

“Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best”

Edward Abbey American Author (1927-1989)

Happy New Year 2023

A new year is also a chance for a new start in our lives. For example, it’s also a chance to start thinking of how to become better humans. So, let’s at least start the new year with a bit of optimism. In particular, it’s the right time to make new plans, turn the page and start a fresh new chapter in our life.

Happy New Year 2023!!
New Year’s Eve Pie – Greek Vasilopita

First of all, think about others and try to become more social. For example, take part in social events for charities or become a member of a charity society in your neighborhood. Last but not least, organize a trip to your loved ones to see them again after a long time during the pandemic. Finally, altogether enjoy a perfect dinner, taste the Vasilopita and if you are lucky to win the golden coin have a successful, happy New Year 2023!

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