Egremni Beach Lefkada Among Covid Safest in Europe!

Safest Covid Beaches in Europe During Pandemic

According to several travel sites Egremni beach is on the list for the safest European travel destinations in summer 2021. In particular, Egremni beach is not only the bluest beach in the world according to Travel+Leisure but also one of the Covid safest in Europe during pandemic according to European Best Destinations website. After all, a very long almost 2 Km beach confirms that Egremni beach, Lefkada among Covid safest in Europe.

Egremni beach Lefkada among Covid safest

Forbes: Egremni beach Lefkada among Covid safest in Europe

Once again this time according to Forbes magazine, Egremni beach is in travel headline news. This time as number 5 on the top list of safest European beaches during pandemic!! However, the local authorities have not characterized the new road as safe yet. In particular, that part of the road which leads to the new big staircase of the beach. At the moment, this part is closed to the public traffic. However, the visitors can walk the 1 Km road until the new staircase. Of course, it goes without saying that the new staircase is much more safe and convenient than the old one which collapsed during the 2015 earthquake. Today, one thing is still pending. The official approval of the road’s safety by engineers of the public authorities. Hence, so far the safest access to the beach remains the one by boat.

Road to Egremni beach
Egremni new road

In other words, if you try to access the beach on foot then you should be there early in the morning at 10 a.m. the most to find parking. Also don’t forget to take a big bottle of water with you and wear convenient athletic shoes. In my opinion, with the new road still closed, the beach is not recommended for families with kids and people who are not fit enough. However, swimming to Egremni beach is a lifetime experience. For this reason, take as many pictures you can to treasure these moments forever!!