Best Greek Island 4 Family Sailing

Do you Sail with the Family, then this is the Best Greek Island 4U

Navigation in the Aegean sea has always been difficult due to rough seas caused by strong north winds. Of course one reason is the numerous rocky islands which make winds to swirl fast and furious. On the contrary, in western Greece, the Ionian sea in the summer is always pretty calm and much more safer for sailing. In addition the green paradise of Ionian islands with rich verdure of cypresses, pines and olive trees makes sailing there an unforgettable experience. In the center of this paradise stands out an island with lush vegetation and numerous islets and fiords around. All these, create a picturesque scenery ideal for the non expert sailors. Of course you guessed right and the best Greek island for a family sailing is Lefkada.

best greek island for family sailing

Best Greek Island for Watersports

First of all Lefkada is a starting point for sailing cruises in Ionian sea as it has the second biggest marina after Corfu with a 650 yachts capacity. For this reason many chartering agencies operate inside big Lefkas marina. Also the safe ports of Nydri, Vlycho and Syvota are alternative options to rent a yacht and start with the family, a sailing adventure. Second, the closed sea environment and the steady thermal winds direction, provide a smooth and safe sailing for all the members of a family. Last but not least, the Telegraph has named Lefkada as the Watersports island of Greece.

best greek island 4 sailing with children

Start a Sailing Adventure from Lefkada

So what are you waiting for? Take your family in a new Odyssey in Ionian sea. Show them the ropes, prepare the ship to get underway and make all sail in a great unforgettable adventure. After cruising around the beautiful islets in Nydri bay, set a south course to Ithaca and Cephalonia islands in a green paradise on earth. Definitely it will be for all a once in a lifetime experience.

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