My Lefkada Holidays with an Alien

My Lefkada Holidays with an Alien

My Lefkada Holidays with an Alien
In Love with an Alien

I would never imagine myself becoming friends with an octopus last summer. After I have seen the relative Oscar-winning movie “My Octopus Teacher” I wanted to live it real in my summer holidays. So, yes it was a touching story for me. The first time I met Alien (that’s the name I gave it from the same name movie) was last year in June, just in front of LEFKASEABNB in swallow waters only three meters in depth. In particular, I was snorkeling around when I noticed Alien resting on a rock wearing the same color dress as the sea bottom. Without a doubt, it was love at first sight as a big cloud of shame and black ink surrounded both of us. However, it was an exciting start to our friendship. Of course, it was an experience I always wanted to write as a story on this blog with the above title “my Lefkada holidays with an Alien”.

Finding Alien

When the black cloud between us finally dissolved Alien wasn’t there anymore. The next couple of days passed trying to find Alien but there was no sign of it. Finally, I found its little cave covered by stones and a lot of empty shells. As soon as I dived from the sea surface I saw its eye blinking at the cave’s entrance just behind the shells. Then, I decided to start dropping shells and sea snails daily just outside its cave to show that I’m a friend, not an enemy. In particular, I kept doing that for months. Alien liked my snacks a lot but preferred to eat them alone without my presence. In other words, I was trying to feed Alien all that time to earn its trust and become friends. After all, a few days after our first meeting was enough for me to know about its daily program. So, I was trying to visit the cave when Alien was there hoping to pop out and get in touch with me.

Alien Gave me Five

Finally, it was that day nearly at the end of August when Alien made the first move! When I dropped its food Alien came completely out of its little cave and gave me five with one of its eight legs! It was our first contact and stayed with me out of its cave until I left back to the beach. From that day on we had constant communication as Alien used to wrap my hands with its legs and feel the touch of my skin. It was a beautiful touching experience with one of the smartest creatures of the sea life. The last day I have seen Alien was in the middle of September. Its empty cave for days broke my heart as I enjoyed its company daily in my own hands.

My Lovely Alien

Every summer in LEFKASEABNB is a unique experience for me and our guests as well. We are looking forward to hosting you in beautiful Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters!!

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