Best Food Porn Spots in Lefkada

Locals Choice: Food Porn Spots in Lefkada Island

Meat or fish lover. Whatever food type of person you are, soon you will find out that Lefkada offers plenty of options either for meat or fish lovers. However, what are we talking about here is where to eat with peace of mind the best food made by local meat or fish cooked by locals. In other words, we are talking about something that will increase your levels of dopamine let alone it might become addictive. In particular, we mean the best food porn spots in Lefkada!!

Greek Dishes Lamb chops best food porn spots in Lefkada
Greek Lamb Chops

Food Porn Spots in Lefkada 4 Meat Lovers

If you are looking for meat delicacies then there are many places in Lefkada. But for something special you should look for it on the mountainous part of the island. In the first place, check your map for Haradiatika village and ask for Pavlos tavern.

Alternatively check your map for Agios Christoforos and ask for Dimitris tavern or for Syvros village and look for Verani tavern. All of them offer local meat delicatessen and many other delicious options.

Another option which today is the talk of the town is in Eglouvi village where you will ask for Nontas tavern. In particular, this place is a big challenger to the other mentioned above. Actually it’s one step beyond as the owner offers traditional local food and unique dishes.

Lovely Spots in Lefkada 4 Fish Lovers

Best Food Porn 4 in Lefkada Fish Lovers
Greek Summer Tavern

Needless to say that Lefkada is also an island. So you will find fresh fish almost everywhere. Of course, the fish market downtown where Agios Menas church is, obviously satisfy all kind of needs. However, you can choose to eat your fish directly from the shelf in the nearby RAKIAS fish shop and tavern. But in case of looking for a luscious fish lunch or dinner then there are specific options. In the first place, check your map for Syvota, a lovely fish village. Obviously there you have many options so it’s up to you to choose which seafront tavern you like.

Another option you have which is closer to the capital is Lygia fish village. That goes without saying because the owners are fishermen and the secret words you should look for on the map are KANIORIA and SEVEN ISLANDS seafront taverns.

Alternatively you may like to continue to the next village, Nikiana. A beautiful seafront tavern with tables right on the beach is at the corner of Nikiana’s port. PANTAZIS is the name of this lovely place which offers plenty of traditional local food like sepia with rice in its ink!

Finally, if you don’t have problem with capital’s noise, then there is a new kid in town! In particular, it’s a new fish market where you can also choose directly from the shelf! Here you should look for it in Italian: the World of the Sea! Just check it in your Italian dictionary.

With all that said let us wish you good appetite and remind you that discovering the local gastronomy of a place is vital and important for a successful travel.

Welcome to Lefkada.

The island of turquoise waters!!