Happy New Year Beautiful Greek Caribbean Island !!

Happy new year 2018


Happy New Year 2018. Let the New Year’s Eve celebrations begin in Lefkada. A little Greek Caribbean paradise on earth. Usually the celebrations start early in the morning and have to do with local traditions and habits.

Traditions and local habits come from a long time ago and use to be very special on this day. For example the philharmonic band of the town parades in the morning on the main street and plays the traditional songs of the day. People mainly children, follow and join the band by singing Kalanta, the new year’s eve song and like joking to each other. The locals call this tradition DIANA and comes from the time of Venetians. Another tradition the locals call it ”speechless water” is rather superstitious. It says that if a girl wanted to get married during the new year she should bring clear water from a spring. Then she should come back home by speaking to nobody. Of course this tradition no longer exists at least for the local girls of the town fortunately. 

Finally all the locals take care of who is going to step first in their house at the first day of the year. They expect from him to bring them good luck for the whole year. Of course this is a very common habit across the country. Usually the first step at the entrance door should be from the right foot of a kind – hearted visitor. For this reason  people usually prefer the youngest child of the family to step first in the house. Usually it steps on a piece of iron for good health or smashes a pomegranate for good luck.


In any case here in LEFKASEABNB we would like to wish you to have a happy new year 2018 full of joy, peace and love. Furthermore we would like to salute the year 2017 with all the sweet memories we had. We gathered all of them in this beautiful video.

Enjoy the video and have a prosperous Happy New Year 2018.