Sailing around Greek Caribbean islets beautiful Lefkada


If you love smooth sailing to calm turquoise waters around coasts with lush vegetation then give in to a cruise to Lefkada’s islets. Sailing around these Greek “Caribbean” islets is once in a lifetime experience!

sailing around greek caribbean islets

Skorpios, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Atokos and Arkoudi are there waiting for you to explore them. So it’s time to dream, to explore, to discover a green paradise on earth. The Greek “Caribbean” islets south of Lefkas.


Its population is less than 2000 people so it’s a peaceful place to relax on one of the picturesque beaches surrounding the island. Of course you should not miss Bereta secluded beach and Papanikolis cave on the southern part of the island. Also there are three lovely villages in the island Vathi, Spartochori and Katomeri. The first one is the main port of the island where you can enjoy fresh fish and an Ouzo aperitif in one of the waterfront taverns. The second one has its own port, Spilia. Without doubt Spilia is a charming location with a couple of waterfront taverns and a very nice beach. Usually in high season is crowded with private yachts and small boats. A long walk up to Spartochori village is a good idea to enjoy the view of the bay from above. The last one Katomeri is the capital of Meganisi and the most picturesque. Finally the mooring places for charter yachts are Atherinos and Ambelakia bays.

sailing around greek caribbean islets of Lefkas


This is a private islet  just opposite Meganisi which belonged to Onassis family. Athina Onnasi was the last inheritor of the islet who sold it in 2013 to the Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev. Sailing around is prohibited during happenings and VIP parties on the islet. However in ordinary days it’s worth seeing the pink villa and the private beach of Jackie Kennedy Onnasi. Most of all the green lush vegetation together with the clear crystal waters create there a real stunning scenery.


This little island is full of olive and pine trees which make you feel that you are in a green paradise. There are three main villages Kalamos , Episkopi and Kastro. The safest mooring place is at Kalamos port while Episkopi, Kefali bay and Porto Leone gulf are better for anchorage.

sailing around Greek islets of beautiful lefkada


This is a peaceful islet with lush vegetation and only 50 people population. Kastos is unspoilt by tourism and it has many small beaches at its east coast. The mooring place for charter yachts is Sarakiniko.


It is an uninhabited islet with some steep impressive cliffs. Also yachts’  people call it the ‘one-house bay’. All the beautiful beaches are at its south east coasts.


It is also an uninhabited islet with lush wild vegetation and some exotic very small beaches.

In conclusion beautiful Lefkada and its big marina is a perfect starting point for sailing around the Greek “Caribbean” islets of Ionian Sea. After all, Lefkas is an island of water-sports and

the island of turquoise waters !!