Defining Greek Summer

Defining Greek Summer

Greek Summer Definition
Lefkada, Classic Greek Tavern

Defining Greek Summer is like asking someone how he feels while hearing the cicadas and the voice of the sea. In other words, let’s say Greek Summer is a beautiful feeling. In particular, it’s not only sea and sun but it’s all about positive feelings and thoughts. After all, to feel beautiful is a state of mind that comes from happy moments in our life. And Greek summer offers many that’s why Greeks don’t leave their country in summer.  

Greek Summer Means Happy Moments

Defining Greek Summer Lefkada
Lefkada, Sea Sunset

What is Greece all about? Of course, it is not only the sea and the sun. Other countries have too. Greece is the little church on a rock on a secluded beach, it is the sea sunset and its stunning colors on a beach, it is a combination of blue and green with you between. In the end, it is the connection with nature and a feeling of freedom. Finally, it is a happy moment on a seafront tavern with people you love to be together.

Above All is Greek History & Hospitality

However, above all comes the Greek History and Hospitality that make the difference. First, Greek History is based on the Ancient Greek Civilization whose remnants are everywhere in the country in many Archeological sites and museums. After all, Greece is the mother of the Western Civilization. Second, comes Greek Hospitality, and of course, not in places that suffer from over-tourism but where you will meet people who want to make you feel like a local.  In particular, people who love to share the beauties and secrets of their homeland with you.  

Welcome to Lefkada in LEFKASEABNB

LEFKASEABNB - Creating Happy Memories
Happy Moments in LEFKASEABNB

Finally, we would love to share some beauties and local secrets of Lefkada island with you. In LEFKASEABNB we love hosting people from all over the world and it is our pleasure to make them feel happy during their stay here. Our reward is the big smile of our guests when they leave and their kind words on the Guests’ book.

  With all that said, we would like to wish you a happy Greek Summer with lots of happy memories.