Taste Lefkada’s Olive Oil

Taste Lefkada’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Local Greek products olive oil Lefkada's olive oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Liquid Gold of Greece

If you are on vacation in Lefkada, you can consider yourself lucky. In particular, Lefkada, Crete, Sparta, and Kalamata are the four regions of Greece that are giving olive oil of top quality all over the world! For this reason, if you are on vacation on the island, do not hesitate to taste Lefkada’s olive oil. The excellent quality of the local extra virgin olive oil is based on its fruity taste, pleasant aroma, and golden green color!  Moreover, it contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin E, omega-3, and no cholesterol. After all, the olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, one of the most healthiest diets in the world.

The History of the Greek Olive Oil

Taste Lefkada's Olive Oil
An Old Olive Tree in Lefkada

Greek olive oil is a Greek traditional product with a long and rich history. In particular, Ancient Greeks used to consume olive oil for a healthy long life either as food or as a treatment for the skin and hair. According to archaeologists the origin of the olive tree and its cultivation lies on the island of Crete in the Minoan Kingdom of Knossos 3500 years B.C.   However, according to an ancient Greek legend, the homeland of the olive tree is Athens and the first olive tree has been planted by the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena on the Acropolis Hill. 

How to Choose Good Olive Oil


Today almost all Greeks have enough amounts of extra virgin olive oil in their kitchens to consume throughout the whole year. According to a research Greece is the second country in the world in olive oil annual consumption with 11 kilograms per capita. First comes Spain with 11,9 kilograms. But how you can choose good olive oil? First of all, from its taste and smell. A sharp bitter taste indicates that the olives weren’t ripe yet when they picked them. If the oil smells bad do not use it. This is caused by oxidation. Finally, check thoroughly the label. It should clearly state “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and the acidity level should be under 0,8 percent. Also, in Lefkada, there is an interesting Olive Museum where you can learn more about the history of the liquid gold of Greece. 

With all that said, we are looking forward to hosting you in Lefkaseabnb in beautiful Lefkada showing you the best places to buy pure Greek extra virgin olive oil.