Local Greek products from Lefkada island

Local Greek products from beautiful Lefkada island

During your stay in Lefkada either you travel for business or for recreation don’t forget to taste the famous local Greek products of the island. Without doubt, one of the most popular are the lentils from Eglouvi village.

Local Greek products lentils

In particular, they are a legume of high nutritional value. For this reason, food experts classify them as a super food. Every year the locals celebrate the new crop with a lentils festival in Eglouvi on the 6th of August. Don’t miss the chance to taste for free one of the most delicious legume in Greece!

Other famous local products are the Lefkadian salami and the pork sausages. Their taste is unique from the mild aroma of garlic to the whole peppercorns inside.

local Greek products salami Lefkada

The Lefkadian butchers continue to follow an old Venetian recipe. Of course, they use to hang salami to mature in the air. They leave it in a temperature below 15 degrees Celsius for up to 3 or 4 months. Its flavor is very well accompanied with red wine from the local grape variety of red “Vertzami”.

Local Greek products wine

Another local wine this time white comes from the “Vardea” variety of grapes. Both varieties red and white, arrived in the island during the times of Venetian Rule in 18th century. The winery Lefkas Earth prior Syvota village is open for the public with guided tours through every section of the wine production.

Honey and olive oil local Greek products

Local Greek products olive oil

In addition of the above, the production of honey and virgin olive oil is also very common in Greece since ancient times.  However the major cultivation of olive oil trees in Lefkada started during the Venetian times. There is an interesting olive museum in Syvros village, a charming place in the south of the island. There you have the chance to see closely a demonstration of old extraction methods of olive oil. As far as the honey production of the island concerns, this mainly comes from thyme.

local greek products thyme honey

The flower is very common in Lefkada in the area of south-western villages of Dragano and Athani. For this reason, a thyme honey festival in Dragano takes place every summer in August. Furthermore, an apiary nearby Nydri waterfalls called meli51 is always open for the public after a phone call.

local greek products lefkas honey

There you can enjoy a tour to a private exhibition of honey products and to all sections of the production.

Finally, don’t forget to taste the traditional local sweets of Lefkas. Actually the olive oil cookies, in Greek “ladokouloura” and olive oil pie, in Greekladopita are almost in every bakery.

local greek products olive oil pie

So, don’t miss the chance to taste them. They really worth a try.

Of course, there is an exhibition of all of the above traditional local products and foods. In particular, a festival of the Lefkadian Gastronomy happens in Lefkas every summer in July. Not only all the local products are there but also some live demonstrations of delicious recipes.  Needless to say of course that during your stay in LEFKASEABNB property we could arrange a culinary journey. Either to a local food festival or to a local product tour experience in the island. It’s up to you to choose.