5 Tips on Vacations in Lefkada Greece

Tip number one: Hear what local hosts say

Tourism industry is dependent on the hosts’ community of a travel destination. So guests who look for some tips on vacations should always ask locals about each place they visit. No matter what popular travel sites or magazines recommend you about your destination, ask your local host first. And we mean your host in the house you stay and not an hotel reception employee or an agent in charge. After all, they are the ones who usually will guide you to popular touristic places since they are not aware of local new haunts in the island.

Tip number two : Stay away from popular places

Of course you should visit the popular beaches of the island but do so only on weekdays and not on weekends or in August. Unless you are the type of person seeking for vibe vacations there are other secluded beaches to relax on. Also there are family running taverns to enjoy a lunch or a dinner either on mountains or by the sea. Just go to tip number one and ask your local host.

Tips on vacations why choose Lefkas Greece a turquoise paradise for summer holidays full of blue flag beaches

Tip number three: Rent a boat or a bicycle

During your vacations in Lefkada you should reserve a day for cruising to the east coast of the island. Just rent a boat from Nikiana or Nydri port and enjoy your adventure in a greenery scenery. After all, the Nydri gulf provides a perfect, safe environment to cruise around the beautiful islets of Skorpios, Sparti, Kastos and Kalamos. Also, if you are a fan of cycling then you have the option to cycle around the lagoon of Lefkas town. Moreover, if you like mountain biking then plenty of options are offered in the island. Just look for local mountain bikers like getactive.

Tip number four: Take part in local celebrations

Taking part in local feasts and celebrations gets you familiar with the local culture which is the epitome of a successful travel. And Lefkada is the island of poets and culture with so many happenings and events during the summer period.

tips on vacations feel like locals with santa maura company
Santa Maura Music Company

Tip number five: Taste the local recipes and products

Finally tasting the local food and local products is part of your travel. Tasting the local kitchen is a unique travel experience let alone trying the local products like salami or lentils. All of them are happy memories to treasure and remember for a lifetime.

Following all these tips on vacations in Lefkada from a local host, you will love the island and you will already feel like local.

Once again we would like to thank you for staying with us this summer. We love hosting and making you feel like locals in beautiful Lefkada is a great pleasure for us. Welcome to the island of turquoise waters!!

old windmills lefkas kite spot

See you next summer on the beach in front of Lefkaseabnb. 🙂 🙂