Take a Walk in Lefkada’s Picturesque Alleys

A Romantic Walk in Lefkada’s Picturesque Alleys

Take a walk in Lefkada's picturesque alleys
A Pink Alley in Lefkas Town

Greek summer in old Lefkas town and you should not miss to take a walk in Lefkada’s picturesque alleys! In particular, it is a splendid idea to head to the main square of the old town for a coffee. Crossing the town on your way there and walking in narrow picturesque alleys would be a nice holiday memory. Also, you will get impressed by the number of old churches you will see during your morning or evening stroll. Of course, you should grab the chance to get in one of these and light a candle for good health to you and your family as well. After all, that’s what locals do on Sundays. Moreover, the murals you will see and the internal architectural decoration of the 18th century surprise unexpectedly all the visitors.

Lefkada A Town of Old Venetian Churches

Take a walk in Lefkada's picturesque alleys
Saint Nicolas of Lefkada

Lefkada has a unique privilege to count an incredible number of old churches the majority of them were built in 17th and in 18th century! However, three of them break the age record. First comes the oldest church of the island which is Agios Ioannis of Anjou (Saint John of Anjou). It is located on the same name beach close to Lefkada town. In particular, the little chapel at the end of the beach is a tourist attraction together with its lovely sea sunset. The little church was built in 1331 approx. by the Knights of Anjou. According to the legend, Saint Paul on his way to Rome, disembarked on this beach. He made the first Christian speech of the island on that spot.

Also, the other two oldest churches are the Saint Maura situated in the same name castle and the church of Mary’s Assumption on Gyra beach right on the stripe land that protects the lagoon of the town.

Take a walk in Lefkada's picturesque alleys and streets
Alley old town Lefkada

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