Take a Walk on the Wild Olive Forests of Lefkada

Meet the Wild Old Olive Trees of Lefkada

Take a walk on the wild olive forests of Lefkada
An incredibly Old Olive Tree in Lefkada

The olive tree has its origins 6000 years ago in eastern Mediterranean basin. For example, in Greece the first trees have been cultivated in ancient Crete 3000 years ago. In particular, the olive tree has been a source of wealth of the Minoan civilization. For ancient Greeks the olive tree was the symbol of peace, of wisdom and victory. Today, it still remains a holy symbolic tree for Greeks. Both the Greek extra virgin olive oil and the Greek table olives are famous products of Greece. Almost in every part of the country there are olive tree forests and Lefkada is one of these. Therefore, being in the island for vacations do not miss to take a walk on the wild olive forests of Lefkada.

Take a walk on the wild olive forests of Lefkada island
An old olive tree with nature’s sculpture art on its trunk, in Lefkada

Walk in Rural Roads or Paths in Wild Olive Tree Forests

Lefkada is one of the seven Ionian islands of Greece pretty much known from its stunning beaches. However, this magic place offers a beautiful wild countryside on its mountainous part as well. There are many paths crossing wild olive forests with some incredibly old olive trees indeed. Also, another big olive forest covers a big region of Agios Ioannis bay as well. For example, it’s a nice idea to take a walk there by following the path behind Lefkaseabnb. Starting from the chapel of Agios Ioannis at the end of the bay this path crosses a beautiful olive forest.

Take a walk on the wild olive forests in Lefkada paths
An olive tree path in Lefkada

Also, a morning jogging among hundreds of incredibly old olive trees, some at the age of 300 years or more, is a very healthful experience. Of course in Lefkada, you have the option to buy local extra virgin olive oil and its healthy products. Most recommended spots are those either nearby Syvros village or to Vasiliki village to the south.

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