Conditions and Terms prior booking


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Terms & Conditions

The Guests should follow the terms and conditions below to keep the premises in a good, safe and clean condition. The Owner and the Guests will sign a copy of these terms and conditions at the day of check in.

  1. The Guests will use the house only in a careful and lawful manner.
  2. They also agree that they will compensate the Owner if they misuse the residence and cause damage to the premises.
  3. The Owner has the right to visit the house during the rental period in case of violation of these terms. Also he can terminate the rental period if there is such a case. Finally he can check the condition of the property prior the departure of Guests.
  4. The house includes the following equipment : Wi Fi router – free Wi-Fi Refrigerator • Air conditioning unit • Security alarm • Toaster • Mini Oven 21 Lt • Filter coffee pot • Nespresso coffee maker – Espresso coffee pot for 2 persons • Double induction hot plate • Cooker hood • 2 LCD TVs • Washing machine Hair dryer • Iron • Safe Carbon Monoxide & smoke detectors • Kettle • Cookware, dishware and cutlery – First aid kit
  5. Bed linen and towels are available in the bedroom wardrobe and in the toilet. A laundry contractor cleans and disinfects all the white linen. The Guests should change them twice weekly and deliver the dirty ones to the Owner in appropriate bags.
  6. The Guests should discard daily all of their waste material during the rental period. They should put the litter bags in the public bins outside of the property. For this reason there are cleaning supplies, brooms, mops and garbage bags in the bathroom and under the kitchen’s sink. Soaps, shower gel, hair shampoo and toilet paper are available in the bathroom.  The Guests will use only the available detergents and antiseptics under the kitchen’s sink. They also should be aware that the whole house has been cleaned and disinfected prior their arrival.
  7. The Guests should not throw toilet paper in the basin but in the appropriate bins.
  8. Pets are not allowed inside the house. The Guests are responsible of their pets as long as they stay outside the house during the rental period.
  9. Smoking is not allowed inside the residence.
  10. The Guests should always be aware of their valuable belongings. A safe is also available. They should never leave the residence unlocked. Whenever they leave the house they should always lock and activate its security alarm. The Owner is not responsible in case of burglary. A travel insurance is always recommended.
  11. The Guests can use the loft and its staircase on their own responsibility. They should always use the handrail of the stair and keep an eye on the ceiling height. They should not move any furniture on the loft for their convenience without owner’s approval. In case of bad weather a mobile retractable dining table is available under the staircase.
  12. The house can normally accommodate 4 persons. However, one extra guest can sleep on a retractable bed which is under loft’s sofa but the guest should place it back every morning in the same position after use.
  13. The Guests shall not sublet the house.
  14. The Guests should never forget the water taps open or leave the house with the washing machine in operation! The water supply comes from pumps and big tanks inside the property because of public water interruptions that may happen during summertime.

Conditions of Stay – Cancellation policy – Means of payment by booking from this site

  • Tenancy Times: The minimum stay is for two or three nights subject to availability. The time of arrival starts from 3 p.m. and the departure by 10 a.m.
  • The Guests shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of the agreement signed during check in. They will inform the Owner prior their departure in order to deliver the residence properly.
  • The Owner will not refund any money in case of a cancelled booking by the guests up to 7 days prior their check in. However the Owner will refund a 50 percent of the advanced payment if the Guests cancel 8 days or more prior their check in date. Of course the Owner refunds the whole advanced payment for cancellations of more than 30 days prior check in. Moreover, a late check in without physical presence is possible by notifying the host early. However, a copy of these terms will be signed anyway the next day after arrival.
  • The Owner will not refund the Guests for any remaining nights in case of an earlier check out except for force majeure reasons.
  • All Guests pay in advance by a bank transfer a 20% percent of the total amount in order to book their stay directly from this website. LEFKASEABNB will send a booking confirmation email (Guests should also check their spam box) after the transaction of the advanced payment has been completed to Owner’s account. In case of the amount won’t appear in three working days, the booking will be cancelled. Finally, the Guests pay again by a bank transfer the next instalment of the residual amount seven 7 days prior of their arrival. At the same time they should send again an email to LEFKASEABNB with the bank transaction copy. Of course, there is the option to pay the last instalment in cash during the check in upon arrival.
  • Additionally all Guests pay an extra cost of 30 euro for the final cleaning and disinfection of the house after their departure.

The Guests read all of the above and finally agreed to proceed and book a Guesthouse from LEFKASEABNB website.