The Greek Island of Lady Blue!! – OMG!!

Discover the Greek Island of a Lady Blue

discover the Greek island of lady blue
Porto Katsiki Beach, Blue Lefkada

After more than a year of living in quarantine and in a sterilized environment to be free is a matter of days. Only 122+1 days have left to enjoy our freedom in a lovely Greek island again. After all, Greek summer is Big Blue magic moments in Greek islands. According to Greek Mythology, both Aegean and Ionian islands were natural environments of Nereids, the Goddesses of the Greek seas. In particular, all of them were the fifty daughters of Nereus, the old, man of the sea, the son of Titan, the Ocean. For ancient Greeks, all of them were protectors of mariners, fishermen and creatures of the sea. In other words, the Greek islands were an ideal physical habitation of those beautiful Ladies. So, what about this summer to discover the unique Greek island of Lady Blue!!

Egremni Beach the Bluest in the World!!

At last, the long staircase which leads to ‘Egremni’ or ‘Egremnoi’ beach, the bluest beach in the world according to the popular travel magazine “Travel + Leisure” is ready.  From now on the access to the public by foot is now open. The visitors can stay and enjoy this magnificent beach for a whole day! Who knows, this place might be the one to meet your Lady Blue!

7 good reasons to visit Lefkada Egremni beach Lady Blue
Egremni beach, Blue Lefkada

Meet Lady Blue on the West Coast of Lefkada

From the very first moment, you will see this colour in the sea on the west coast of Lefkada one is for sure. Love at first sight!! Moreover, when you will get in or feel her hug, you won’t want to leave her!! It will be an unforgettable feeling and a lifetime experience! 

Greek Island of Lady Blue Lefkada
A Nereid adoring the Sea Sunset on Agios Ioannis Beach, Lefkada

After all, every summer Lefkada is a meeting place of mariners, water sports fans, sailors and fishermen. So, it is impossible not to meet some of the fifty sea Goddesses already mentioned. When the sea is calm, then you will feel the presence of ‘Galene’, the Nereid of the “calm seas”! When the sea is foamy, then you are in the hug of ‘Cymothoe’, the Nereid of the “running waves”. Finally, one is for sure, you will meet the Lady Blue you desperately need!! The chosen one who will make you feel free in the beautiful blue world of Lefkada.

The Greek island of Lady Blue!!

The island of turquoise waters!! 

Love to hearing from you!

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