Which Top Beach in Lefkada Remains Unspoilt

Which Top Beach in Lefkada is a Hidden Gem

Lefkada is mostly renowned for its turquoise waters mainly on the west coast of the island. Actually there is a redundancy of options to swim in some of the bluest beaches in the world when you visit this not so popular Greek island. Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Yalos, Megali Petra, Pefkoulia and Agios Ioannis are very popular beaches but very crowded during summer. Usually, all the west coast beaches cause a kind of a jaw dropping to the visitors. Finally, in the end all they agree that Lefkada is the Caribbean of Europe. But which top beach in Lefkada is still not so popular and remains unspoilt?


Milos Beach a Hidden Gem of Mediterranean

So which top beach in Lefkada still remains unspoilt? And the Oscar goes to Milos beach!! Really a hidden gem of Mediterranean that will steal your heart at first sight. A sandy and shiny beach which has access either by boat or by a narrow steep path from Agios Nikitas picturesque village. If you like hiking then you should choose to follow the path from the village. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the magic beach. Despite the fact that the path is a bit difficult and steep, the breathtaking view during your walk to this splendid beach, really worth your effort. Of course you should bring with you enough water, hat and umbrella.

Milos Beach Lefkada

However, last year a big surprise waited for the visitors on this stunning beach. The first umbrellas and sunbeds ever, appeared on the beach!! Of course, it was something that made the locals very upset. Every summer they fight against easy profit methods for one and only reason to keep Milos beach unspoilt through the time. So, hurry up, your time is running out to swim in the turquoise waters of one of the few still virgin beaches left in Meditteranean.

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