Top Greek Island After Lock-down

Travel or not to Travel After Lock-down, that is the Question

How many people have the same question in their mind? Travel or not to travel after lock- down? After the nightmare, everyone wants to feel the value of personal freedom. After so many days in a quarantine, in a house of any kind and whatever this term means, everyone wants to be free. Everyone wants to walk or to get away to a beautiful place, she or he has never been before. A place will make her or him to feel safe and relaxed, away from any bad news from the outside world. So, the answer is yes. And a travel to a Greek island could be an excellent choice. But why Greece and which island would be the top Greek island after lock-down?

Travelling to a lovely, safe destination is really what we all need to heal the wounds of our soul and body caused from the tragic situations we lived recently. And a travel to a beautiful country, this bloody virus hit less than others, would also be a wise choice. For this reason choose a travel to Greece and its beautiful Greek islands. However, there are some safety issues you should take under consideration regarding your health and the place you wish to visit.

Top Greek Island after Lock-down Lefkada
A seafront Greek tavern in Lefkada

Safety Issues Should Cover a Top Greek Island after Lock-down

  • An island but not an island. This means to have access by car which is much safer for travellers.
  • The presence of a big Hospital in the island, ready and prepared for normal or serious cases is imperative. Also another bigger Hospital should be close in the area. In one hour drive the most for very serious cases.
  • Many long and wide beaches accessible by car should be there for the people to keep the proper distances.
  • The presence of a big Marina to contact and rent a sailing or motor boat to discover in private stunning secluded beaches is important. Just in case you are a fan of water-sports.
  • The island should not be very popular or a celebrities’ top destination. Otherwise in July or August it will be overcrowded even after lock-down.
  • Finally the average humidity in July and August should be at least 70% as the virus spread is reduced significantly according to a study.

And the Oscar goes to Lefkada. The island of turquoise waters! The Caribbean of Greece! An island still not so spoilt and not so crowded!

See you on the beach in front of LEFKASEABNB.

Love to hearing from you!

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