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Live longer by travelling more

Our life is a parade of moments. Some of them are big moments we will always keep in mind either as happy or sad. Others are less important, ordinary moments we will hardly remember. For example our life looks like the pebbles on a beach! The big ones are those we will never forget and the small ones are just ordinary days which fill our entire life more! That’s life! But what about if at least the big pebbles are meant to be the happiest moments! By going often on vacations is a good start to make it happen. And because happy people live longer, beautiful moments from happy travels should be the case every time. So travel more to live longer and fill your entire life with big happy moments.

travel more live longer life like pebbles

Fact: Travel Make us Happy

And this is not just a statement but is a fact. Actually it’s an outcome not only from one research but from a series of studies. All of them conclude and prove the benefits of travel. According to an article of the renown travel site lonely planet the last related research was conducted by the University of Helsinki. In particular, at a European Society of Cardiology Conference, in Munich, the lead researcher professor recommended that doctors should prescribe holidays to their at risk patients rather than a lifestyle change such as losing weight or give up smoking!

Travel Long Live the Passenger

Obviously vacations can be a good way to relieve stress. In other words taking holidays more often can compensate to an increased pressure at work. However, provided that all of our senses relax while on vacations only then we can enjoy the travel’s benefits. And if travel makes you happier then your chances to live longer increase quite a lot. After all we spend our entire life by doing the same things every day at work. However, we should not forget the most important thing. All we are is dust in the wind and nothing else but some tiny passengers in a boundless universe!!

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