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Taste a Very Old Traditional Liqueur in Lefkada

Another summer period ended last night by taking a last walk in the beautiful picturesque alleys of Lefkada town. Of course, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our guests that honoured us by booking in Lefkaseabnb. This summer we had the pleasure to host people from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany and believe it or not from New Zealand!! Also some guests send us some beautiful photos of their vacations in Lefkaseabnb you can watch  in our new YouTube channel. With all that said, we would like to end the season by drinking a special, old times liqueur of Lefkada we buy every year from a private distillery downtown. But which liqueur is Lefkada famous for?

which liqueur is Lefkada famous orange and cinnamon
Picturesque Alley in Lefkada Town

Rozoli a Unique Taste from Lefkada

which liqueur Lefkada is famous
Rozoli, Traditional Liqueur of Lefkada

One of the oldest liqueurs in Ionian islands is the Rozoli of Lefkada. It is made by orange, cinnamon and 25% alcohol. However, only a private distillery in Lefkada town owns the original secret recipe. Hence, no one knows the exact mixture of ingredients of a recipe that goes back in the Venetian rule of the island in the middle of 18th century. An ideal aperitif you should enjoy with crushed ice after your lunch or dinner on your Lefkaseabnb seaview balcony. So, now you know for which liqueur is Lefkada famous for and why we would like to share it with you. Once more by drinking Rozoli we wish you health and joy to your life. Cheers until next summer. Take care and stay safe. Every year we love hosting you in Lefkaseabnb.


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