Wilhelm Doerpfeld’s Run in Lefkada

Wilhelm Doerpfeld’s Run for History

Run For History 2019

Are you fit and strong enough to run for history in the memory of Wilhelm Doerpfeld in Lefkada? If so then take part in an impressive run of 60 km starting from the lighthouse of Cape Doucato. In particular the route starts from the southernmost spot of Lefkada and ends north in the Ancient capital city of Lefkada, NIRIKOS. Although the Wilhelm Doerpfeld’s run in Lefkada seems to be a usual annual athletic event in reality is a big challenge for long distance runners. If you are interested in taking part to this challenge please contact the hosts of the event by email here

The Philellene Wilhelm Doerpfeld

The Wilhelm Doerpfeld's run in Lefkada

Wilhelm Doerpfeld was a German architect and archaeologist. He was born in Wuppertal of Germany in 26th of December of 1853. During his career he worked with Heinrich Schliemann, another big German archaeologist of that era. Together took part in extended excavations in Greece and in eastern Asia Minor from 1884 until 1894. Both contributed to the excavations of Mycenaean palace at Tiryns in Peloponnese. Also they both worked in the excavations of the Bronze age ruins of the Troy site in Turkey. Later on Doerpfeld moved to Lefkada in Greece. After he completed his excavations there from 1901 to 1913, he developed the theory of Alt Ithaca. In this theory he strongly believed that modern Lefkada was the ancient Ithaca, the real home of Odysseus. However, modern archaeologists never accepted his theory.

He died in his house in Lefkada in 25th of April 1940. According to his last will, his tomb is opposite the Nidri bay which he always believed it was Homer’s Ithaca. The tomb is just a few meters away of Agia Kiriaki chapel.

Today the Wilhelm Doerpfeld’s run in Lefkada is a tribute to a man who loved the island and supported his theory to the very end.

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