Best Place for Craft Beer in Lefkada!

Find the Best Place for Craft Beer in Lefkada

Everybody knows about the Octoberfest, the biggest craft beer festival in Munich, Germany. In particular, it is an annual beer festival that lasts for two weeks and ends the first Sunday of October in Munich. Today, German communities all over the world celebrate the Octoberfest by offering free craft beer and delicious Bavarian dishes. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the 2021 festival in Germany has been cancelled. However, a German couple that arrived in Lefkada from Stuttgart in 2019, set up a lovely brewery in the village of Lazarata. So, who needs Octoberfest to taste a quality craft beer! In case you are looking for the best place for craft beer in Lefkada then you should visit Lazarata!

Best place for craft beer in Lefkada!
Cold Craft Beer

A Must Visit in Lefkada for Beer Fans

Among so many must visits in Lefkada that splendid brewery in Lazarata is definitely recommended for beer fans. A German bar restaurant in Lefkada that offers local craft beer, delicious grilled sausages and other Bavarian dishes should be in your list on your vacations in Lefkada. Moreover, if you are a craft beer fan then after your lunch you can take away a 5 litre barrel! Also they can deliver it to your accommodation or yacht! Of course, if you are in Lefkada during the Octoberfest period then you will have a great chance to feel like German! In other words, you will experience the German festival to Lazarata at the Lefkada Brewery!!

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